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The Foundry is where bold creativity and daring ideas take shape. In the core of the Sweetheart City, The Foundry will be a work of art in its own right providing a strong foundation for the revitalization of Loveland’s historic downtown.

Project developers chose The Foundry as the name for a sweeping redevelopment of nearly three city blocks in southern downtown Loveland. The name reflects how Loveland has risen as a showcase for art, especially sculpture, and celebrates the foundries who cast the many art pieces here and around the world.

Three empty city blocks will soon transform into a movie theater, apartments, hotel, retailers and parking to support the increased activity coming to the new epicenter of entertainment in downtown Loveland.

'Loveland has risen as a showcase for art'


Even the 460-stall public parking garage will represent the rich tradition of art in Loveland. Art installations will adorn the structure from two sides.

The installation chosen was the only one that wrapped the building cohesively and included sections for both Lincoln Avenue and Second Street. "Shimmering Hues to Solar Muse" by James Dihn and Michael Stutz was the winner.

The inspiration of the piece was the fluid movement of molten metal in the bronze casting process, an appropriate centerpiece for The Foundry project.

The anchor of the $75 million project will be a large public plaza between the buildings with outdoor walkways and seating turning Downtown Loveland into a true entertainment destination for visitors and locals, alike.

With outdoor walkways, seating, and ample space for programming, The Foundry will be a new epicenter of entertainment and desirable location to live, work, and play in the core of the Sweetheart City.

The Foundry aligns with the City of Loveland’s vision for the revitalization of the historic downtown region by helping to create a catalytic effect that propels economic and social vitality. The project includes a 102-room hotel and 43,000 square foot central community plaza.


 The Foundry: BEFORE

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