Loveland-Area Hotel Developers Remain Confident

Loveland-Area Hotel Developers Remain Confident

As developers announce plans to put up new hotels in east Loveland and Johnstown, along comes the news that Loveland has the highest lodging occupancy rate of any market in Colorado, seemingly confirming the decisions to build.

The developers say they're aware of market cycles and aren't building blindly, but a Colorado-based hotel broker says the current upward cycle will wane eventually.

The latest Rocky Mountain Lodging Report shows that hotels in Loveland filled 90.9 percent of their capacity in August, the highest level in the state. Year to date, Loveland's hotel occupancy rate stands at 77.5 percent, also tops in Colorado.

Those numbers make Loveland visitor services manager Cindy Mackin smile and wish that the city had a few more rooms.

"There have been several times when we have sold out the entire city," Mackin said, most notably when an event such as a large conference comes during the peak summer season of May to October.

"During those key summer months, if we had more hotels, we could fill them," she said.

Mackin's staff keeps a tally of all 16 hotels and motels within city limits, from the nine-room Gateway Motel to the 263-room Embassy Suites. All told, Loveland has 1,157 guest rooms, according to her office, Visit Loveland.

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